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Sage Green now available in 14, 25, 30 and 45 litre Rainbow Trugs

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Find your perfect Trug

Our Trugs come in a wide range of sizes and in every colour you may ever need!

Rainbow Trugs®

Rainbow Trugs come in a range of sizes and fabulous colours. High quality, suitable for in and around the home and workplace.


The revolutionary Rainbow Trug® Trug-Lid™ not only makes Rainbow Trugs stackable but turns them into the ultimate lidded container.

Trug and Trug-Lid Stickers

We have created a range of fun stickers for your Rainbow Trug® and contents stickers for Turg-Lid™

Trug Accessories

Rainbow Trugs® have designed some truly creative and innovative trug accessories including our unique Trug-Riddle™ 

Proudly made in Britain

Rainbow Trugs® are proudly MADE IN BRITAIN

Thank you for supporting a British manufacturer

Rainbow Trugs are a British manufacturer of flexible containers and accessories

We make a range of high quality flexible Trugs that are truly multipurpose. Whether you use them at home or in the workplace, Rainbow Trugs® offer a storing or handling solution that is flexible, colourful and strong. All Rainbow Trugs® and Trug-Lids™ are made from FOOD GRADE polymers making them safe for children, live fish, food production and more. You can even take them to the beach!

Rainbow Trugs at the beach
Why our customers love us
Winter feed buckets
Sunday, 2 October 2022  |  Val

I was so impressed with the quality of these feed buckets for my horses and the speed of the delivery was amazing.great value for money.

Great Product
Sunday, 2 October 2022  |  Dawn

We use these tubs to make up our horses morning feeds, great size & very convenient with the matching lids. I have purchased before & they are good quality & last years, would highly recommend.

Great for cold water swimming
Tuesday, 27 September 2022  |  Sara

I bought this Trug & lid to carry my kit down to the beach when I go cold water swimming. My group bought one each, in a bulk order, and we all love them.

The large size means I can fit everything in the Trug when I go into the sea - dry robe, towelling robe, wooly hat, hot drink etc - with the lid secured on top. The lid keeps the rain out and stops my stuff getting ruined if a dog pees on it!

The lid doesn't fit inside the Trug, when carrying it with both handles together in one hand. I've remedied this by drilling a small hole on the side of my lid (not the top, else the rain will still come in) and attaching it to the Trug handle with a cable tie. The lid hangs off the side of the Trug and keeps my other hand free. (Perhaps a folding lid could be manufactured, to allow it to be carried inside - just a thought... )

The Trug is really flexible and seems very sturdy. The lid is made of difference material so is rigid but equally as strong feeling.
Both materials take permanent vinyl decals well, allowing me to decorate mine.

Delivery was very quick - the day after I ordered it, I think.

I spent ages trying to find a lidded bucket for the beach and couldn't find another company selling them. I am therefore expecting lots of people to ask where I got it from!

In case it isn't implicit, I couldn't be more pleased and would highly recommend this company.

Just what I was hoping for
Monday, 29 August 2022  |  Barbara

Sturdy, great colour…..perfect! Thank you

Need a business or trade account?

Are you a fan of our Rainbow Trugs and would like to buy them for your workplace? Or perhaps you're a retailer and would like to sell our products. No matter which type of business you are, we'd love you to be part of the Rainbow Trugs family, so why not get in touch. We can even provide our products with your own branding!

What will you use yours for?

Our flexible Trugs can be used for almost anything and our lovely customers are definitely proof of that. Check out our Uses Gallery for ideas of what you can use yours for or why not send us a photo of your Trugs in use?

Uses for Rainbow Trugs