Our Environmental Statement

Plastic has become a dirty word in recent years and, when you see news reports of oceans covered with blankets of plastic waste, we ourselves scream for action to tackle this problem. But the problem is a complex mix of issues including far too much single use plastics and exporting plastic waste to countries without adequate reprocessing facilities.

You cannot un-invent plastic, it's used in your phone, computer, toaster, toothbrush and the soles of your shoes. It is how you use this material to create products that have a good service life and are easily recycled at the end of that life.

For many years the trend has been to make items cheaper and to more of a 'throw away' society. Our prime objective when designing a Rainbow Trug is to make it more durable than other similar products and to give a good service life. We would never claim our products are 'indestructible', but through good design, choosing the right materials and continuous testing, our products are using plastics to their fullest potential and limiting the environmental impact. 

Recycling of the plastics used in our Rainbow Trug branded products is easy. In the UK, household recycling collections will process these plastics together with all the packaging we use to ship orders to our customers. Did you know that at least 80% of the cardboard boxes we use are second-hand. These are purchased at a lower cost than buying new boxes and can be re-used again or recycled. When we ourselves receive deliveries of goods in to our warehouse, many are pallets that are bound tightly with 'pallet wrap'. This is normally a single use plastic but we remove this from pallets and reuse it in our packing area to protect orders during shipping. This is made from LLDPE which again is fully recyclable and can be put in your household recycle bin. This alone has meant that we have not bought bubble wrap for packaging since 2018.

Upcycling is another good way of reducing waste. For example the cardboard box your order arrives in can be used again for storage, a pet bed or even a child's den!

Almost all of our Rainbow Trug products are manufactured within a few miles of our head office and all are made in the UK which lowers our carbon footprint as well as increasing business efficiency. We outsource the manufacture of certain products to local companies which also helps the local economy.

Our couriers, DPD, are a company that is 'carbon neutral' through the use of carbon offsetting and an increasing fleet of electric vehicles.

We all have a long way to go to help save our planet, but we are trying and always looking for ways to improve.


Regards, Rainbow Trugs

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