Rainbow Trugs® around the Home and Garden

No home or garden should be without good quality multi-purpose Rainbow Trugs. With their robust, flexible design they can be used effortlessly around the home and have the ability to match any décor.


Rainbow Trugs have the capability to work tirelessly around the garden and are durable enough to lend a hand in the most demanding jobs. From laundry baskets, toy tidies, pet food storage or even popcorn holder......we can guarantee that Rainbow Trugs will never falter.


Our revolutionary Rainbow Trug® Trug-Lids not only make Rainbow Trugs stackable but turns them into the ultimate lidded storage containers. Made from durable Polypropylene, Rainbow Trug® Trug-Lids can be used for a multitude of uses around the home and garden and are particularly useful for helping to keep out rodents and other unwanted pests.


There's nothing more rewarding than growing and harvesting home-grown fruit and vegetables....and with the help of Rainbow Trugs you don't need a lot of space to be able to do this! As British Made Rainbow Trugs Have thicker sidewalls than other leading Brands (which makes them stronger) they are perfect to use as colourful plant containers. 45-litre Rainbow Trugs  are just the right size for you to be able to grow runner beans, courgettes, potatoes etc. Apart from having less slug damage they help to brighten up the garden too! 


Designed and manufactured here in the UK, we only want the best for our customers and have worked tirelessly to develop exceptional quality, immensely durable, flexible trugs and accessories.

Garden Centres and Homewares Retailers can also buy 24/7 through our website by means of a 'Retailer' login. Ordering is super easy, low carriage paid levels, no having to buy 'pack' quantities and dispatched quickly. Quality products that customers demand with a good sales margin. Click here to 'Apply for a Retailer Login'.


Rainbow Trugs® is a Brand you can trust

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