Rainbow TrugsŪ

We are passionate about Rainbow Trugs and work extensively to design and manufacture exceptional quality products for our customers. With their thicker sidewalls and base together with handles specifically designed for strength, Rainbow Trugs are a durable product like no other.

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2.2 Litre Rainbow Mini-TubŪ

The truely Practical and Multi-Purpose small container. Food Grade so great for snacks & crisps at parties, as a desk tidy or a funky plant pot.

14 Litre Rainbow TrugsŪ

A small shallow plastic trug used for a variety of jobs. Used as plastic bins, pet bowls, storage tub, and toy storage.

25 Litre Rainbow TrugsŪ

A large shallow plastic tub, or plastic trug suitable for food containers, storage, childrens sandpit, baby bath and so much more.

30 Litre Rainbow TrugsŪ

A medium 30 litre (approx 6.6 gallons) capacity flexible plastic trug. Makes a perfect plastic storage, container, plant waterer, toy box, car washing bucket and more

45 Litre Rainbow TrugsŪ

A large 45 litre (approx 10 gallons) capacity plastic flexible trug, great for building sites. Pet food storage, builders tubs, toy storage, laundry basket, gardening bucket and so much more

Mini-TubŪ Collection Packs

Contrasting and complimentary colours, in pre-selected combinations provide practical storage that colour coordinates with your surroundings.