Rainbow Trugs® in a class of their own

We are aware that space is at a premium for many schools but with the help of Rainbow Trugs we believe that we can provide the ultimate storage solution. Available in several sizes and an array of colours Rainbow Trugs are able to offer invaluable colourful storage throughout your school.

Due to their durability, Rainbow Trugs are perfect for everyday use around schools and colleges. Available in a handy range of sizes and an array of fabulous colours, Rainbow Trugs have a multitude of uses in and around the school.

Rainbow Trugs are made from a flexible food grade, phthalate material which makes them perfectly safe for children to use on a daily basis. If space is at a premium Rainbow Trugs make excellent colourful plant containers, ideal for encouraging children to learn about the wonders of growing their own fruit and veg. We offer sizes for any location around the school, so whether you want a desk tidy, sand pit, toy tidy or even storing sports equipment Rainbow Trugs can do it all!

2.2L Mini-Tubs are particularly useful to use as desk tidies and will give the children easy access to pens and pencils. As they are easy to clean you can also use  Rainbow Mini-Tubs to store essential craft materials such as paints, glitter, glue and chalks. Why not add our good quality stickers and turn your tubs into Truglins

Truglinsare an adorable unique set of character stickers designed to make Rainbow Trugs even more fun and appealing. Initially aimed at encouraging children to tidy up we fell that no school should be without a Truglinas they are so entertaining to have around and extremely helpful too!

​Due to many requests we have recently introduced 25L Trug Stands to the Rainbow range. Our unique Trug-Stand designed for pre-school and early years is a cost effective solution for messy play, building bricks or water. The 25 litre Rainbow Trug® sits snuggly in the frame and can easily be removed and changed with minimal effort. This is an excellent activity for young children to explore their creativity and develop new skills.


Designed and manufactured here in the UK, we only want the best for our customers and have worked tirelessly to develop exceptional quality, immensely durable, flexible trugs and accessories.

Rainbow Trugs® is a Brand you can trust



School Purchase Orders

A lot of educational establishments & councils order directly from our web site and pay by card, which is quick and convenient. However we recognise that some prefer to issue a Purchase Order for procurement of goods and we are happy to accept this payment method for orders over £30.

How to do it:

1) Firstly click 'New Account' (if you do not already have one) at the top of the page and complete with your schools email address and a suitable password.

2) Using the 'Contact Us' link, simply request a 'Schools Credit Account' and we will activate this for you using the account you have created.

3) Then place your order online as normal and at the checkout, select 'Payment by Purchase Order' from the payment method options.

4) Once you have placed your order online, forward your official purchase order to us. We will then process your order.

Submitting an Official Purchase Order:
There are two ways you can send us your purchase order:

Email to: sales@rainbowtrugs.com
Mail to: A2Z Sales, The Lodge, Badgers Hill, Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 4SD

All purchase orders should include:

A Purchase Order Number
Date of Order
Name, Phone Number and Email of a contact person (in case we have any questions)
Shipping Address
Billing Address
Product description and price
Shipping cost
An authorized signature

Once both your online order and purchase order are received and authorized we will dispatch your items without delay.

Our objective at A2Z Sales and Rainbow Trugs is to make the process of ordering from us simple and efficient for all our school and government customers. If you need further information, or would like to speak with a sales associate prior to placing your order, please call us or you can email sales@RainbowTrugs.com

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