Product Testing

Our first Rainbow Trug was designed to be of a better quality than was available on the market at that time. This still continues today and our current range of Rainbow Trugs have been refined further due to a combination of cutting edge mould design and use of premium, food grade plastic polymers.


Handle Strength Test Results

Handles are the main working part of a trug and so when it came to designing our Rainbow Trugs, we spent a lot of time to ensure they were as strong as we could possibly make them. In August 2021 we sent every size of Rainbow Trug to RoTech Laboratories, an independent product testing laboratory, for handle weight tests and the results were amazing. The picture shown here is one of our 45 litre trugs undergoing the test and the chart shows the maximum load taken by the two handles on all our trug sizes before the trug broke.

Size of Rainbow Trug

Load Before Failure

2.2 Litre 64.5Kg
14 Litre 450.0Kg
25 Litre 344.6Kg
30 Litre 348.8Kg
45 Litre 453.8Kg

So how have we done this? Well, without giving too much away, the premium food grade plastic polymer that we use in all our trugs is an important factor. However, the advanced design of our Rainbow Trug moulds and the computer controlled injection process ensures, the consistent flow of polymer required for a quality product.

Having worked tirelessly on our products for many years, we were especially confident our trug handles were stronger and more durable than other similar products on the market, but how do we show this? This is when we turned to RoTech Laboratories in Wednedbury, West Midlands. We found Rotech to be easy to work with, professional and understood our requirements fully. They performed all the tests and issued reports within a short timescale and can highly recommend their services.

Find out more about RoTech at

Other manufacturers tend not to publish test reports such as the one we commissioned for our products. Is this because they hove not performed similar tests or have the results been too embarrassing to show? We may never know.


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