25 Litre Rainbow Trug® - CANDY PINK
25 Litre Rainbow Trug® - CANDY PINK25 Litre Rainbow Trug® - CANDY PINK25 Litre Rainbow Trug® - CANDY PINK25 Litre Rainbow Trug® - CANDY PINK

25 Litre Rainbow Trug® - CANDY PINK

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Trug-Lid™ for 25 litre Rainbow TrugTrug-Lid™ for 25 litre Rainbow Trug

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They’re strong, robust yet still remain flexible…..

The 25 Litre Rainbow Dish has much thicker and robust side walls which makes it more rigid, whilst it still remains flexible it doesn't bend or squash and loose it's shape. Due to the high strength, flexible design they can be used for a multitude of uses. From pet beds to messy play in pre-schools Rainbow Dishes are truly useful containers to own. Perfectly safe for children and animals as they are 100% free from harmful phthalates which some manufacturers use to increase the flexibility of their products. No home, garden or school should be without 25L Rainbow Trugs!

TOP TIP! Why not add a lid and turn you Rainbow Trug into the ultimate lidded container!

While some people find our 25 Litre shallow trug suitable for horse feed, the vast majority of equestrian users prefer to use our 14 Litre Trugs
The 25L shallow trugs are thicker and stiffer for heavier duty applications, with thicker sidewall/base and are not recommended to hold both handles in one hand.

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Height to the rim – 150mm (6 inches)

Diameter at rim – 500mm (19.75 inches)

Capacity – 25 Litres/5.5 Gallons

Weight – (approx 1.1kg)

- Car Boot Organiser

- Messy Play

- Foot Dip

- Pet Bed

- Under Bed Storage

- Garden Plant Container (see our gardening blog)

- Sand Pit

- DIY Mixing Projects

- Shoe Storage

- Soaking Plant Trays

- Chicken Dust Bath

View our Gallery Page for more inspiration

As a family company, Rainbow Trugs are acutely aware of environmental issues and the need to reverse the damage to our planet for our children and future generations. Here are just a few things we, as a company, have been actively doing for many years

  • All the products we sell are recyclable
  • At least 80% of boxes used are second-hand
  • Made locally - reduces carbon footprint
  • Products can be upcycled and reused
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing

Click here for more information regarding our environmental statement




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