Princess Elsie (Large) Die-cut Sticker Set

Princess Elsie (Large) Die-cut Sticker Set

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2.2 Litre Rainbow Mini-Tub® - CANDY PINK2.2 Litre Rainbow Mini-Tub® - CANDY PINK


Princess has a cut-out bodice to show trug colour through.

PLEASE NOTE: Sticker Only, Rainbow Trug not included

Stickers labelled SMALL are the perfect size for our 2.2 litre Mini-Tub® and 25 litre shallow Rainbow Trug. They also work well on our 14 litre trugs.

Our LARGE Stickers are ideal for our 14 litre, 30 litre, 45 litre and 75 litre Rainbow Trugs®.

Applying Your Rainbow Trug Sticker

If your Rainbow Trug is brand new, simply wipe with a clean, dry cloth. If however you have had your Rainbow Trug for some time, we suggest washing the area you where want your sticker with warm soapy water then drying thoroughly to ensure good adhesion. Peel your Rainbow Trug® sticker from its backing and start by placing one edge of the sticker in the place your want it. Carefully apply more of the sticker to your trug while smoothing as you go.

Rainbow Trug® stickers have been designed and tested for use on Rainbow Trugs® only.

Why choose Rainbow Trugs?
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