Multi-Purpose Tidy Tray - BLACK

Multi-Purpose Tidy Tray - BLACK

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Good plastic containers, useful storage boxes and trays for storing allsorts of things.

*Good plastic containers
*Useful storage boxes
*Trays for storing allsorts of things
*Use as storage containers and tool boxes
*Good quality BRITISH MADE plastic boxes
*Length: 390mm
*Width: 255mm
*Height to rim: 100mm
*Overall height: 140mm
*Packed weight approx: 425g
*Colour: Black

As a family company, Rainbow Trugs are acutely aware of environmental issues and the need to reverse the damage to our planet for our children and future generations. Here are just a few things we, as a company, have been actively doing for many years

  • All the products we sell are recyclable
  • At least 80% of boxes used are second-hand
  • Made locally - reduces carbon footprint
  • Products can be upcycled and reused
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing

Click here for more information regarding our environmental statement




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